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17th-Aug-2012 01:51 pm - amatsuki chapter summaries!
geeking: geeking / "you were not always alone," he managed to say. "not always." (pic#4529084)
for easy referencing and canon reviewing!!

Chapter 1 - Rainy Night Moon
"Humans are ruled by reason. Vision, hearing, those things we call senses... provide the mind with only a narrow view of things. So, child, what is thing we call 'reality'? What is this thing we call 'death'? What is this thing we call 'life'?"
The plot is introduced! Toki fails Japanese History and is sent to a Virtual Reality Exhibit of the Edo period to do some make-up work. Here he meets Shinonome Kon, another student in his high school, who explains to him the different designs and mechanisms of the exhibit, as well as the use of the simulation goggles to make everything seem real and not just a blue screen. Later on, Toki gets attacked (and his eyes get hit) by a Nue which he initially thought was a non-interactive part of the exhibit, but is fortunately saved by a sword-wielding girl. Toki is shocked to find that even when his simulation goggles are destroyed by the Nue, he isn't seeing the blue screen of the exhibit, but Virtual Edo, as real as ever.

When Toki wakes up after resting, he is surprised to see Kon there with him, but strangely, Kon tells Toki that he's been in Edo for two years now, and doesn't seem to remember their first meeting. The chapter ends with Kuchiha telling them both that they're stuck in "this world".

Chapter 2 - The Distant Capital
"Fights and Fires are the flowers of Edo!"
After a visit to an old woman, Toki finds out that the eyesight in his left eye was taken by the Nue when he was attacked, leaving him half-blind. Kon takes him to the town to meet a priest, and on the way there he tells Toki all about the Edo Period and it's current state, how to blend in with the common Japanese folk so as not to attract any unwanted attention (and so they won't be seen as outsiders and foreigners, who were thought to be suspicious and possibly criminals), and about youkais, demons, and the like. Kon almost gets himself into a street fight which the sword-wielding girl drags him out of, and she then introduces herself to Toki as Kuchiha. Kuchiha then takes Toki and Kon to the place of Shamon-sama, a priest and a private demon hunter... who often gets drunk.

Chapter 3 - The Voice That Speaks to Dogs
"I'd like to see you try to kill me. It would take a man with real balls to spill a drop of my blood. You're dealing with the Chosen One of the Dog God."
Shamon tells Toki that he knows he came from another world just like Kon, as well as how going back home can't be done at the moment because he doesn't know how to send Toki back to his world, but he promises that until then he'll do whatever he can to help him. Later on, while he is alone, Toki bumps into some rowdy men (with one of them being a government official and a lord samurai) who calls him a "barbarian", a derogatory term for foreigners and outsiders. The official attempts to attack him, but Kuchiha suddenly arrives and apologizes for the disturbance, telling them that Toki isn't a barbarian and that he's under the protection of Shamon. They're about to let him go, when they notice that Kuchiha is a woman who carries a sword (which was quite rare at the time). They begin to harass her, pulling her hair roughly, saying "they let a pathetic woman carry a sword?!", even threatening to kill her. Except Kuchiha mocks them, saying that they wouldn't have the guts to spill her blood, considering that she is the chosen one of the Dog God. The men become terrified of her, thinking she's possessed and that they might get cursed, and so they leave. Toki later tells Kon about the events that transpired, and Kon tells him that he should be careful since there are strict laws and punishments in the place, plus those men that Toki had dealt with seemed to be pretty important around the area. Toki doesn't want to simply sit there and do nothing though, so he asks Kon's help to give those officials some "payback time".

Chapter 4 - Not Quite a Yakou
"... That's too bad. That way of thinking won't work here. There aren't any electronics or microscopes... people haven't scientifically classified mammals. A whale swims in the ocean, so it's just a big fish. Any pretty, shiny stone is a jewel. The answers depend on the time and place. So you and me have to go from thinking in scientific terms... to thinking in ideological terms."
Kon brings Toki to the place where he lives with/near Heihachi aka. ADORABLE HYOTTOKO (one of Kon's very few friends), and there they plan out the prank that they're going to pull on the official that harassed Kuchiha. Meanwhile, the official is in a store, drunkenly bragging to the owner about how he was going to defeat the Dog God and slay it. Except before he could, Kon and Toki pull their elaborate prank on him, pretending to be some sort of fire demon, warning him not to oppress others. It works very well, scaring the official away, even causing him to be in bed sick with fright. Because of this, some men head over to Shamon's place and tells him to bring the Demon God who he had been hiding, but Shamon denies not knowing about such a thing, in order to protect Kuchiha.

FLASHBACKS ARE ALSO SHOWN ABOUT THE REAL WORLD!!! A conference is taking place in which a company called Sensai Corporation is talking about their achievements and advancements in virtual reality technology, but there are also some pirvate investigators (Hashita and Shiraai) in the conference who thinks that the company is a little suspicious, particularly because the developer has spent ten years in a project and yet no one has ever seen her, plus they have no idea how Sensai has grown so large. Shiraai leaves Hashita with the assignment to look into the company.

Chapter 5 - The Miko's Song
"He's right... what am I doing? I used to think I wouldn't care, but... after all this... if I can do this for them, then... they shouldn't be so surprised... because this is just my awkward imitation of their kindness!"
Toki gets an eyepatch for his eye! Tadajirou Sasaki, an important government official and another private demon hunter + old friend of Shamon, comes to Shamon's place to conduct an investigation and an interrogation with Toki, Kon, and Kuchiha around. Apparently, the official was badly frightened with the prank that Toki and Kon pulled, and demanded that Sasaki do something about it. Kon and Toki feel themselves to be in a very sticky situation, but before Kon can think of a way to get them out of it, Toki suddenly comes clean and takes the blame for himself, in order to spare Kon and Kuchiha. However, Sasaki just laughs and say he can't believe such a cute boy would do such a thing and instead sentences him to "babysitting duty".

Later in the chapter, glimpses of a "princess" with the power to prophesy (or something...) can be seen.

Chapter 6 - A Ghostly Journey
"When you came here, it was like a little pebble thrown into a pond, but eventually the ripples change everything. It happens so gradually that no one notices, but... I think that you have the power to change your own world."
Sasaki tells Toki that he really wanted him to go on this "babysitting job" and Toki has no choice but to comply, to which Sasaki says that he'll come for Toki after three days so he can meet the person he's going to be "babysitting" for. It turns out that the Holy Princess/Priestess actually sent for Toki. After three days, Sasaki arrives for Toki on a kago, and Kon and Kuchiha decide to go with him too on their own accord (while acting all tsun tsun about it lmao). Sasaki leads the way for them while on his kago, while Toki, Kon, and Kuchiha walk and follow far behind the carriage. However, they have to go through a "ghost road", a path littered with different demons and youkais, a path that if you lose your way in it, "you may never return or escape". Though Kuchiha has some trouble getting through the road and they lose Sasaki's kago, they finally manage to pass through it and arrive at the gate to place they need to be.

Chapter 7 - Turn Back or Keep Going
"Hey, which do you think is superior - to be a human or to be a robot? The answer, of course, is the human mind. The data processing capability of a neuron is much greater than that of a computer circuit. However... if that power goes unused, then a human is no more worth than a lump of metal."
Upon entering the gate, they arrive at a huge garden and are given the directions to "go north" to get to the shrine where they need to go, but even after a long, long time of "going north", they don't seem to have ended up anywhere and look as if they're going in circles. It turned out that there was a magic barrier that screws up directions so intruders can't get in, but after awhile of trying to figure out where "north" is, Toki finally manages to lead them to the place where they need to be. Just when they head inside though, Toki falls into a portal where he ends up meeting with Bonten, a very powerful demon. Bonten begins to question Toki about computers and robots, so Toki immediately asks him if he's from "this world", to which Bonten replies that he is an "Amatsuki" (an abbreviation of the term 'Amayo no Tsuki', which means 'moon on a rainy night', i.e. something that cannot really exist...). Bonten then presents Toki with two choices - will he destroy the princess and the Amatsuki and return to Nirvana (the Real World where Toki is from), or protect the Amatsuki and become it's master. Toki blacks out and when he wakes up, he's resting inside the shrine and Kuchiha and Kon are with him. A young girl (who later introduces herself as Shinshu) who's also there with them asks them if they're there to see the Miko Princess/Priestess, and when they say yes, the young girl replies that they can't because the Miko Princess/Priestess is dead.

RANDOM NOTES TO SELF: so it's like the world of amatsuki or "edo" is only an illusion........ assfg i freaking love this manga

Chapter 8 - The Dog God and the Holy Princess
"Those two are just normal humans, so why don't you just let them go? Please..."
ANOTHER FLASHBACK OF THE REAL WORLD!!! Hashita goes to a hacker (Wakasa), asking him to help get him information on Sensai.

BACK TO EDO.... Shinshu (who turns out to be the Priestess's/Ginshu's younger sister) tells the trio that the Miko Princess dies and is reborn every day. Suddenly, they are attacked with bows and arrows by the Priestess's attendants/warriors/idek what to call them, who thinks they are intruders in the shrine (w/c turns out to be the Sakagami Shrine, the headquarters for thousands of shrines throughout the country and the center of demon extermination). Tsuruume, the lead attendant, believes that Kon, Kuchiha, and Toki are demons/touched by a demon or a tengu for they set off the demon-repelling maze that was designed to confuse those creatures who were evil or impure (earlier in the garden) and as, such does some kind of magic on them to see if it was really so. Toki's eye suddenly pours out feathers (seriously wtf???) because he has been touched by a demon/tengu (Bonten). Not only that, but THE DOG GOD INSIDE KUCHIHA IS RELEASED. Just when the Dog God attacks Tsuruume, KON DOES SOMETHING BADASS AWW YEAH. Furthermore, before anything more ensue, the Holy Priestess suddenly appears! She tells Tsuruume that she had indeed sent for Toki and his friends to come, for Toki was the "Unwritten Page" and was her guest (lololol IN YOUR FACE TSURUUME gosh i can't stand this bitch). Kon, Toki, and Kuchiha are shocked however, because the Holy Priestess that is talking to them seems to be some sort of doll.

Chapter 9 - Coming Into Bloom
"This is no ordinary curse... this is most evil. You are one who kills demons for your own selfish goals. People like you persecute that girl without reason... what do you have to say for yourself? Can you justify your actions? I'd like to hear your idea of 'justice'."
The doll introduces itself to the trio as Ginshu, the Holy Priestess and Princess, who acts as the protector of all humanity and who fights demons (and is also Bonten's mortal enemy or something.... they're on very opposing sides). She tells them that she has a body that is more like theirs, as well as the fact that she is cursed, a curse that renders her real body lifeless (but she is able to transfer her soul into a doll and other things too perhaps). All of a sudden however, the Dog God attacks the Priestess, accusing her of killing demons for her own selfish goals. Before the Priestess can answer, Bonten suddenly appears (YEAAAAAH!!!! /o/) by borrowing one of the attendant's body. Bonten just wants to talk though or something, he doesn't really do anything but taunt the princess and Tsuruume. ANYWAY the Dog God decides that he wants the Priestess to be gone forever and attempts to attack it again, but Shinshu, Tsuruume, and even Toki tries to stop him. Bonten gets bored lmao and pisses the Dog God by telling him that Kuchiha's Dog God is the last of his kind, so the Dog God turns its attention into attacking Bonten first. Before he can though, Bonten suddenly disappears and the girl attendant returns, and the Dog God is about to attack her. The Priestess asks for Toki to do something AND THROUGH THE HELP OF KON, Toki manages to stop the Dog God by using his "Unwritten Page" abilities! The Dog God returns in it's sealed form inside Kuchiha, the Priestess apologizes to Toki and Kon, and also asks for Toki's help in defeating demons.

Chapter 10 - Faded Flowers
"All humans are assigned a destiny by Teiten. And this thing we call 'fate' is engraved in our hearts. Who knows, maybe even our deaths are pre-ordained. "
Somewhere in Edo, a sacred tree is cut (this is actually v. important later on!!!!). Kuchiha's past as an itty bitty is shown! While Kuchiha is resting in the shrine, she tells Toki about her grandfather giving her a name that means "faded flowers", with the hope that the bloodline of the Dog God ends with her. Kuchiha's past: she doesn't remember what her parents looked like, and her grandfather died when she was ten years old, she's the only one left of her family and her clan. The Priestess calls for Toki and Kon and there they see the Priestess's curse, which is that she is seperated from her body and is cursed to wither and die each day. They are also told about the four Holy Ones, who is Teiten (the Creator of the World), Bonten, Kokuten, and Gyouten (the Priestess). They are told about Heaven's Net (fate and destiny), how only the Four Holy Ones can interpret it, but only Teiten can spin the web as he has the power of the Unwritten Page.

TSUYUKUSA APPEARS IN THIS CHAPTER!!!! A tree spirit comes to Tsuyukusa (another tree spirit who can transform into a human, also Bonten's pseudo-brother) asking for help.

Chapter 11 - Dawn and Awakening
"All things in this world were granted body and soul by Teiten. The body is the present and the soul is the future. And in this way the world was created. The world itself also has a soul, and it is called 'Heaven's Net'."
Ginshu appears to Kon and Toki in his human form, explaining to Toki his "Unwritten Page" powers and how his fate isn't yet determined by Heaven's Net because he's an outsider; because of his power, Ginshu asks help from Toki. Ginshu also turns out to be asexual (clearly this is the most important part of the chapter not!!!!!). Bonten appears in this chapter. AS WELL AS HEIHACHI!!!! Poor Heihachi is looking for Toki and Kon to do some fun times with, but Shamon tells him that they went away and so he feels lonely. :( SOBS HEIHACHIIIII. But never to fear! Tsuyukusa suddenly drops down from the sky a tree and falls straight into Heihachi! \o/ Also, there's some side-plot about a store owner named Nakamuraya who suffered a demon attack.

Chapter 12 - No One Knows
"Life sucks but killing yourself is too much trouble. You've gotta have confidence. Shit happens, and sometimes living hurts, but that's just the way things are. If you wanna get through life, you've gotta think positive. When times get rough, sometimes you can do everything in your power and you still can't win. Sometimes you can't save everybody... It's okay to be surprised, but don't judge people. You never know what you or anybody else is capable of. You're gonna hafta learn to stand on your own and use the power you have."
TSUYUKUSA AND HEIHACHI'S FIRST MEETING AND THEY HAVE ADORABLE CUTE FUN TIMES AND MOMENTS ;u;♥♥♥ Tsuyukusa asks Heihachi's help to bring him to Nihonbashi to the store owner Nakamuraya. Kon also finds out that he's the first Unwritten Page, but because he didn't use his powers and didn't have anyone to guide him, his powers became obsolete. In this chapter, Shinshu also asks Toki to help remove and lift Ginshu's curse, since she blames herself for what happened to Ginshu. Flashbacks from Toki's life in the real world is shown, as well as his itty bitty self. ALSO SUOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! SUOU APPEARS IN THIS CHAPTER, HELL YEAH!!! /o/ Suou gives bitty Toki some very important life lessons. :)

Chapter 13 - Miotsukushi
"Don't forget... your punishment has already been decided. After all... a bird in a cage can't fly, can it?"
Toki summons Bonten into the shrine and there he asks him how to lift the Priestess's curse, to which Bonten initially refuses but later says that if Toki wants to know the truth of the curse, he should come to Bonten in Nihonbashi and bring Shinshu with him. ALSO IT SEEMS AS IF A GLIMPSE OF BONTEN IN THE REAL WORLD (A HOSPITAL EVEN HOLDING A WHEELED IV POLE) IS SHOWN. Toki tells Ginshu that he wants to look for a way to break his curse, bringing Shinshu along with him, to which the Priestess complies as long as Kuchiha and Tsuruume come with him (Kon decides that he wants to stay behind in the shrine). TSUYUKUSA AND HEIHACHI IS ALSO SHOWN IN THIS CHAPTER!!!!! Where they encounter/meet with ghosts and spirits and Heihachi begins to question himself whether Tsuyukusa was an ordinary human.

FLASHBACKS OF THE REAL WORLD IS ALSO SHOWN LATER IN THIS CHAPTER. Hashita and Aonibi, Shiraa's brother, talk about Sensai and how big the case they're dealing with is. Lily, Hashita's adopted daughter, also appears.

Chapter 14 - Moonless Dawn
"If you want to obtain something, you have to sacrifice something. But you're very kind... I can tell that you're the kind of person who would give up anything you have to help someone else."
Info about Sensai Corporation. REAL WORLD AGAIN. The private investigators (Shiraai, Aonibi, Hashita, and Wakasa) talk and discuss about Sensai Corp and also about a suspicious website that's giving away free stuff and free trips when a question is answered correctly.

MEANWHILE IN EDO, Sasaki tells Toki that he gave up his own sight in order to sense demons. ALSO TOKI REMEMBERS SUOU AGAIN!!!!!!!! SUOUUUUUU ;u; And thinks on very deep thoughts about himself and about Suou's words to him. Toki also rests to prepare for when he leaves for Nihonbashi the next day.

Chapter 15 - Morning Storm
"My parents taught me that when you leave someone, you've got to hope that neither of you will get seriously hurt or something. So I'll definitely be back for this. I promise."
SUOU APPEARS ON THE FIRST PANEL AASDGF I LOVE THIS GUY SO MUCH I CAN'T ;A; Which means, yes, flashbacks on Toki's life as an itty bitty again!

BACK TO EDO Toki and the guys are preparing to leave for Nihonbashi. A weird guy named Kurotobo appears behind the scenes to talk to Sasaki. Toki gives Kon his eyepatch as a sort of remembrance, and as a promise that he'll definitely come back for it. Kon gets to talk to Ginshu when the others are leaving, and he tells Ginshu about how he knows GInshu is hiding something and he wants to know what it is. Ginshu tells Kon all about Kokuten, Teiten (and about how he doesn't have the power of "transformation", but Toki does). ginshu wants to oppose Teiten and His Will with Toki's help. Kon also finds out about the truth of Ginshu's curse: it's not that he will die, it's that he cannot die - it's a curse of eternal life. Kon is then put to sleep by Ginshu because he knows too much. After Kon passes out, Ginshu monologues about how he's suffering and how he lost everything he cared about long ago, but also how Bonten too, is suffering. It's rather interesting.


Chapter 16 - Mid-Spring Part I
"You're the first person I've ever seen fall from the sky... that's pretty weird. But I thought that maybe we could be friends, even though you weren't exactly a lightweight."
HEIHACHI AND TSUYUKUSA FORMALLY INTRODUCE THEMSELVES TO EACH OTHER ;u;♥ Tsuyu also seems to have warmed up to Heihachi because he's such an adorable dork, who wouldn't?? Meanwhile, Toki and the others head over to Nihonbashi. Tsuruume also tells Toki about the Onmyou Bureau, which is an organization that Sasaki is a part of, and instead of Sasaki coming along with them, another member of the Onmyou Bureau, Kurotobi, comes with Toki and the others instead. Bonten also begins his search for Tsuyukusa.
30th-Jul-2012 01:59 pm - pokemon au meme shenanigans
beinghope: (and this is kyubey the bitch!)

1. Protagonist - A wandering trainer who travels their region, taking on gyms along the way hopes on eventually making it to the Pokémon league and proving they are a TRUE Pokémon Master.
2. Gym Leader - An elite trainer who waits for challengers to come to them. Usually a specialist of a specific type, they test their opponents and hand over a Gym Badge to any who prove to be victorious!
3. Pokémon Breeder - A kind and nurturing sort of trainer who strives to breed and hatch and raise the perfect Pokémon.
4. Coordinator - A trainer who has moved away from the field of battle to take on a new stage. Whether it's the Razzledazzle of Pokémon contests, or the drama of Pokémon musicals they prove the a passion for pokémon doesn't always mean they have to fight.
5. Ace Trainer - They are the coolest of the cool trainers. A great strategist and a maker of balanced teams they definitely have their game together.
6. Evil Team Member - Whether it's Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma or an entirely new one no one has heard of before... you're here, you're causing trouble, and no one had better stand in your way.
7. Your Choice! - Pick one of the above options or hey! Pick your own. Whatever. The Pokémon World is HUGE and I've only put up some of the more general and iconic classes there.

[ copied from here! also if you want feel free to throw non-meguca characters here too I'LL HOP ON THEM ALL. ]
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